The Mini-Kaabers.


In sept. '14 we got 2 European/American Miniature Horses.

There names are NKG's Miss Montana by Comanche ( dark brown tobiano ) & NKG's Miss Savannah by Comanche ( blue dun tobiano/grulla ).

Their Daily names are Missy & Savannah.

They are 2 very sweet mares born in '09.

In may '16 Savannah gave birth to a beatiful black pintaloosa filly.

Her name is Kaaber's Desert Rose. 

In July '16 we got a new mare. Her name is NKG's Summerbreeze  "Summer".

She's the mother of Savannah.

Savannah & Summer will be expecting foals in '18.

The Minis also got their own homepage at 

There you can see a lot more about the Minis, pictures, breeding ect