My 4 girls training at the podium.
The 2 miniatures I have only had for less than a week, and today was the 1. time I did any training with them.

In the video you meet my 4 horses.
The first you see is Sahva ( NKG's Miss Savannah by Comanche ). She's a 5 y/o European/American Miniature Horse, that arrived here at our farm 4 days ago, together with her halfsister Missy ( NKG's Miss Montana by Comanche ). Who's also 5 y/o.

Then there is Betty. She's my Barockpferd and she's 7 y/o.
I have had her since she was 10 mth.
Unfortunately she has a broken hip.

And at last you see my 4 y/o Gypsy/Irish Tinker-mare Cliona.
She has been with me since she was 1 y/o.


Hope you will enjoy.